Droplette Breakdown + Q&A

This is a blog post that I didn’t originally plan on doing - a breakdown on a device I don’t own. But part of creating content is to educate and inform, particularly on topics that you all have questions on. I hope this post is informative and offers the answers you’re looking for on Droplette … Continue reading Droplette Breakdown + Q&A

Skin Barrier: Deep Dive

Research Gate The skin barrier. Often misunderstood or simply forgotten but absolutely essential to skin health. and today’s deep dive is ALL about it.Yes, we’ve briefly touched on the skin barrier in other blog posts and will also be continuing to explore other facial anatomy soon! But in chatting with many of you in our … Continue reading Skin Barrier: Deep Dive

Why Harper’s Bazaar is Wrong About Hyaluronic Acid

I’ll get right into it. This article from Harper’s Bazaar titled “Are You Misusing Hyaluronic Acid?” has been making the rounds for a while and causing quite a stir, making people wonder if hyaluronic acid is bad for their skin. We’ll be looking at the article today and the accuracy of its claims. For more … Continue reading Why Harper’s Bazaar is Wrong About Hyaluronic Acid

Microcurrent Overview + Changing My Approach

Some links and codes may be affiliate. They add no cost to you, the reader, but help support the author and her content. My recent blog posts have been very science focused with lots of terms and links to various studies. Today’s post won’t necessarily be that as it’s also an update on my microcurrent … Continue reading Microcurrent Overview + Changing My Approach

Skin Hydration: Deep Dive

Skin hydration is a topic that is discussed often yet somehow the importance is still overlooked. We often hear that the benefits are only temporary and that at most, it offers a transient brightening or plumping effect to the skin. In this follow-up to my 3 part Instagram series on hydration, I will be taking … Continue reading Skin Hydration: Deep Dive