Red Light Therapy and Green Tea: Debunked?

Recently, the topic of green tea before red light therapy treatments has been discussed more than ever and I’ve received a lot of questions thanks to this video from Angie of Hot and Flashy. I’ve been a fan of this combination since making the switch to high powered LED devices last Spring and thought this … Continue reading Red Light Therapy and Green Tea: Debunked?

Skin Hydration: Deep Dive

Skin hydration is a topic that is discussed often yet somehow the importance is still overlooked. We often hear that the benefits are only temporary and that at most, it offers a transient brightening or plumping effect to the skin. In this follow-up to my 3 part Instagram series on hydration, I will be taking … Continue reading Skin Hydration: Deep Dive

How Deep Should You Be Microneedling?

Microneedling at home has been increasing in popularity and when done safely and correctly, I’m not necessarily against it. For me, it comes down to the person and how willing they are to do their research and invest in the right equipment and supplies. However, with the recent popularity of DIY treatments at home I’ve … Continue reading How Deep Should You Be Microneedling?